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  • Titill er á ensku Parasomnia
  • Meistara
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    The experience of reality can be complicated and ambiguous: our perception of time is not always in a linear order, and the imagery we see is not objective – they are subjective in the way that they are reflections that go through different mediums before making sense or not to us. Our mind makes associations with pre-existed concepts to explain the unfamiliar and the abstract.
    During the in-between psychological and perceptual state, such as the moment right before or after falling asleep where one is shifting between dreaming and being awake, our experience of reality can be obscure and fascinating. It is a fusion of our conceptual, actual, perceptual, and alternative realities. These realities consist of imagery from our surroundings, memories, imaginations, and hallucinations.
    Time is assembled by sequences of moments, and a moment is not a fixed unit but rather a potential space for all possible things to happen. And it is the glitch, a disruption in the perception that occurs in the transition of moments, that allows the mind to travel through different realities, generating new meanings to enrich our understanding of our lived experience as a perceptual being.

  • 18.6.2019

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