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  • Titill er á ensku Brand new name : measuring the success of rebranding in the Icelandic banking system
  • Meistara
  • The fall 2008 was a time of extraordinary events. Following a global financial boom there was an equally sized bust. The Icelandic financial system, at the height of an anomalous expansion, experienced a full-blown meltdown. The aim is of this thesis is to study identity in the time of crisis. To study how a company concluded on rebranding their corporation from the highly successful and then controversial Kaupthing to the unknown Arion bank, and dig into the information that is available on their objectives, strategy, process, and outcomes. At the same time gaining insight and study the construct and methodology that decision makers of the corporation used for rebranding, and try to reflect if different strategies might have yielded a meaningful difference in terms of success within a defined framework. The research that was applied for the thesis was a case study, focused on unstructured interviews, conducted with a number of individuals that played key roles during the process and afterwards. What transpired through the interviews, and other data sources, was that there was a very limited experience on dealing with circumstances of this kind and the process was affected by that. However, it is not completely clear whether the rebranding process could be considered a clear success, or whether any success following the rebranding could be directly attributed to a decade of work and stakeholder focus by the new entity.

  • 19.6.2019

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