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  • Lumpfish habitat development for use in salmon farming
  • Meistara
  • Útdráttur er á ensku

    Expanding knowledge on sea lice erradciation methods is essential to maintaing fish welfare and profitiablety in salmon farming. Innovation is prevelant within mechanical and medicinal treatment, with millions of pounds sterling of investments into removal techniques such as the Thermolicer. A biological erradication alternative to medicinal and mechanical treatment is the use of cleanerfish, which has seen a considerable increase in interest over the past decade. The use of wrasse and lumpfish allow the removal of sea lice all year round, without the use of chemicals or mechanical treatments. In order for these cleanerfish to perform effectively, husbandry is key. Within the husbandry reqirements is the placement of habitats in salmon cages, to allow the cleanerfish to rest and shelter. Habitats currently used can be costly, and require manual labour efforts to be removed from salmon pens in order to dry biofoulants which could potentially be an unwanted food course for the cleanerfish. This study analysed preference of different materials from a recycled fish farm source, as well as colours, to develop a cost effective, easy to use, lumpfish hide for sea pen deployment. Preference trial results showed significantly more lumpfish were found on flat sheets of plastic than all other materials, and the colour black over all other colours. This was taken into account, and an easily folding lumpfish habitat was developed and placed into a salmon pen in Scotland. Lumpfish frequency of the end habitat was analysed using an attached GoPro, with lumpfish observed activly using the habitat over a 75 minute time frame. Large scale development of the habitat is now underway for use in Scotland.
    Key Words: Sea lice, cleanerfish, lumpfish, habitat development

  • 20.6.2019

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