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Thesis (Bachelor's)

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  • Regarding the spillage of the bodies agency, labor and language
  • Sweating sofa
  • Bachelor's
  • Regarding the Spillage of the Bodies analyses my production from different conceptual and formal points of view; puts in context my practice using references from contemporary artists working with performance and sculpture, theorists interested in agency, as wells as critics that question the place of art in problematic contexts. In the same way, this text highlights poetical aspects of my work looking into movement, communication, problems with communication, flow, water, how water crisis affect big cities and maintenance work. I will talk about migration and translation in relation to identity and how they appear in my work. I will talk about labor, being exhausted, occupation, how the body is treated in our economical system.

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  • Jun 21, 2019
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/34050

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