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23.1.2020Effects of equine facilitated therapy on at-risk youth in treatmentSif Jónsdóttir 1985-
24.6.2020Depression symptoms among older adults in Iceland : findings from the resident assessment instrument-minimum data set 2.0Ástdís Pálsdóttir Bang 1993-
24.6.2020Barriers and facilitators to disclosure of sexual violence and relationship with symptoms of depression, anxiety and stressEva Bryndís Pálsdóttir 1982-
24.6.2020The psychometric properties of Psychosis Attachment measure (PAM) and Attachment Avoidance in Therapy Scale (AATS) in IcelandBaldur Már Richter 1987-
24.6.2020Guided Internet-based self-help for symptoms of anxiety and depression : a feasibility studyTelma Sigurgeirsdóttir 1993-
24.6.2020Prevalence and effects of antidepressants during pregnancy on infant outcomes among women in IcelandThelma Smáradóttir 1991-
24.6.2020A pilot study on the efficacy of FRIENDS : a social skills treatment program for children with autism spectrum disorderLaufey Ásta Guðmundsdóttir 1989-
24.6.2020Worries, stop-rules and problem-solving confidence in a sample of university studentsGuðrún Carstensdóttir 1991-
24.6.2020Metacognitive intervention in early psychosis : a pilot studyHeiðrún Hafþórsdóttir 1986-
24.6.2020Connections between emotional dependency and interventions in cognitive behaviour therapy for adults : outcomes of group therapyÁsthildur E Erlingsdóttir 1967-
24.6.2020Obstructive sleep apnea and snoring in Icelandic children : the five-to-fifteen questionnaire and school performanceCarmen Maja Valencia 1988-
24.6.2020The effects of social support and relationship with the perpetrator on disclosure of sexual abuse : depression, anxiety and stress symptoms among sexually abused victims in IcelandHelga Maren Hauksdóttir 1989-
24.6.2020Motivation to change? : psychometric properties of SOCRATES and URICA, the extent of substance abuse and motivation to change among people with early onset psychosisElfar Þór Bragason 1981-
24.6.2020Efficacy and mechanism of change in transdiagnostic CBT for health anxiety and depressive disorders using single case experimental designElfa Scheving Sigurðardóttir 1990-
24.6.2020Prevalence, mental health and substance use of anabolic steroid ssers : a population-based study on young individualsGuðrún Sunna Gestsdóttir 1976-
24.6.2020Adjunctive behavioral activation for bipolar I disorder : single caseEdda Sigfúsdóttir 1989-
24.6.2020The relationship between sleep-disordered breathing and neurocognitive problems in children : objective and subjective measures of snoringÁsthildur Margrét Gísladóttir 1988-
24.6.2020Balancing climate anxiety and coping skills: How the cognitive theory of anxiety predicts pro-environmental and avoidance behaviourDaðey Albertsdóttir 1988-
24.6.2020Anger, happiness and life-satisfaction among interpersonal or non-interpersonal trauma survivors in IcelandThelma Lind Smáradóttir 1991-
24.6.2020Seasonal sleep patterns among people with early-onset psychosis and university studentsÁsrún Á. Jónsdóttir 1986-
24.6.2020A qualitative analysis of generalised anxiety disorder : a cognitve behavioural theory perspectiveErna Björk Einarsdóttir 1992-
24.6.2020Psoriasis in Iceland and symptoms of psychological comorbiditiesDávur Í Dali 1989-
17.9.2020The relationship between worries and safety-seeking behaviour in Generalized Anxiety DisorderSif Elíasdóttir Bachmann 1988-
26.1.2021Depression, anxiety, and stress symptoms among labor force participants in Iceland: The effects of gender, parental status, financial strain and family member supportValdís Ósk Jónsdóttir 1993-
14.6.2021Goal orientation, anxiety and performance in sports : a population based studyGrímur Gunnarsson 1990-