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27.6.2022Job satisfaction and occupational burnout among preschool workers in times of Covid-19Sara Katrín Farmer 1996-
22.3.2022Influencer endorsement efficacy : effect of source characteristics on consumer behavior variablesJordian G S Farahani 1990-
14.2.2022Exploring airlines and travel trade bilateral contingencies : the managers and travel trade viewsAnne-Marie Tremblay-Quenneville 1980-
6.1.2022Perception of justice, privacy, and validity when using social media as an evaluation tool in hiringSonja M. Júlíusdóttir Jacobsen 1996-
6.1.2022The role of job resources, personal resources, and work engagement in different work arrangementsGeir Andersen 1994-
6.1.2022The challenges using Bitcoin as a payment intermediationc: a study in IcelandSvavar Hjaltested 1980-
6.1.2022Disrupting cold supply chain monitoring systems industry with data : the Controlant case studyGiacomo Cortellino 1994-
6.1.2022Innovative methods food wholesalers in Iceland use to reduce food wasteHlynur Rafn Guðmundsson 1995-
7.10.2021Reviewing employee engagement as a concept and how it is measured with an employee engagement survey in an Icelandic industrial production organisation. What do employee surveys tell us about employee engagement?Svava Rán Karlsdóttir 1974-
4.10.2021Factors impacting Faroese food importers’ supplier decisions : a qualitative study on food imports to the Faroe IslandsJóhanna Magnusardóttir Isaksen 1992-
4.10.2021Transforming emergent Icelandic tourist sites into sustainable and responsibly managed destinations: A case study of the 2021 Geldingadalur eruption in IcelandStephanie Elizabeth May Langridge 1991-
4.10.2021Analysis of gender-specific behavior in the automotive retail business : an economic potential assessment based on the Volkswagen Group Retail DeutschlandMarc Simon Albert Wunnerlich 1995-
28.9.2021The effects of remote work during Covid-19 on work-life balance and working arrangement preferences of employeesSigrún Birna Björnsdóttir 1979-
28.9.2021Gender equality in virtual teams : comparison of gender equality in virtual teams and physical teams with regards to behavior- and performance-related factorsKevin Matthias Henry 1995-
28.9.2021Old name, new management : how to integrate the past with the futureEydís Ögn Uffadóttir 1987-
28.9.2021Migration of foreign specialists into the high-tech sector in Iceland and the role of Human Resource ManagementDominique Elísabet James 1991-
28.9.2021A success factor framework proposition for virtual trade showsChristoph Rohr 1995-
28.9.2021The effects of immigration on housing prices in the greater Reykjavík areaBjörn Steinar Birgisson 1996-
27.9.2021How can strategic management, influenced by national cultural dimensions, be used to increase the efficiency of the Icelandic public sector? : a case study into Icelandic public procurementAndreas Persson 1997-
27.9.2021Innovation ecosystems in Eastern Switzerland : a case studyAdrian Giger 1991-
27.9.2021Return to work following a sick leaveBirna Rún Pétursdóttir 1981-
23.9.2021Occupational stress and remedies amongst supermarket employees during COVID-19Nicoló Secondo Rech 1996-
23.9.2021Corporate social responsibility - human resource management in North America : an analysis of diversity, inclusion and belongingMargaret Elizabeth MacFarlane 1997-
23.9.2021The Multicheck’s suitability in hiring processes for apprentices in Swiss insurance companiesAndri Kömeter 1991-
10.6.2021Effects of COVID-19 on major blue-chip indices : a Nordic studyÓlöf Ragna Sigurðardóttir 1994-