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Titlar 87 til 111 af 291
24.10.2017The effect of appetite awareness training on mental health and eating habits among participants in obesity treatmentLilja Níelsdóttir 1976-
13.2.2017The effect of brand awareness on loyalty, empirical study generic drugs in FranceLéglise, Muriel Claude Daniele , 1973-
15.8.2016The effect of depression and alcohol abuse on social economic decision makingElvar Friðriksson 1986-
24.8.2017The effect of six-week transdiagnostic cognitive behavioural group therapy on anxiety and depressive symptoms among pregnant women : a pilot studyKristrún Ólöf Sigurðardóttir 1986-
5.6.2014Effect of social media marketing on traditional marketing campaigns in young Icelandic companiesAnna Guðbjörg Cowden 1989-
14.8.2017Effectiveness of brief transdiagnostic cognitive behavioural group therapy for mild depression, anxiety, and stress in fathers : a pilot studyBaldur Hannesson 1988-
15.2.2018Effectiveness of social media for raising brand awareness, for market research and for new product development.Helgi Magnússon 1982-
15.2.2018The effects of a shorter workweek on employees working in the Icelandic public sectorSteinunn Eyja Gauksdóttir 1991-
18.6.2018The effects of a virtual reality environment on students with public speaking anxietySveinn Gunnar Hálfdánarson 1986-
20.10.2020Effects of communication and organizational commitment on organizational readiness for change : a case of e-commerce applicationÞröstur Þór Þórisson 1974-
26.8.2015Effects of content on Facebook post popularity : the case of IcelandairHerborg Sörensen 1988-
7.7.2016Effects of content on Google ad success : the case of IcelandairOlivier, Nicolas Pierre Hippolyte Emile, 1993-
10.6.2021Effects of COVID-19 on major blue-chip indices : a Nordic studyÓlöf Ragna Sigurðardóttir 1994-
28.9.2021The effects of immigration on housing prices in the greater Reykjavík areaBjörn Steinar Birgisson 1996-
14.5.2019The effects of individualized teaching of school readiness skills to children in preschool with ADHD symptomsSonja Lind Ísfeld Víðisdóttir 1991-
28.9.2021The effects of remote work during Covid-19 on work-life balance and working arrangement preferences of employeesSigrún Birna Björnsdóttir 1979-
14.5.2019Effects of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation as a treatment for persistent auditory verbal hallucinationsViktor Díar Jónasson 1991-
13.5.2019Efficacy and mechanism of change in transdiagnostic CBT for social anxiety disorder: single case experimental designÞuríður Hallgrímsdóttir Viðar 1992-
14.5.2019Efficacy of group psychoeducation for bipolar I patients : a pilot studyUnnur Samúelsdóttir 1990-
9.8.2017Einstök’s customer-based brand equity in the Icelandic & Swedish market : a perception-based application of Keller’s CBBE pyramidJannika Yasmine Lövendahl 1990-
27.8.2015Electronic cigarettes : market entry in Iceland?Hinrik Hinriksson 1990-
17.1.2019Engagement behavior on Facebook and the relationship between managers and consumers: the case of IcelandairArna Dögg Sigfúsdóttir 1991-
13.5.2019Evaluating parental support for sexually abused children : discrepancies between children and their parentsKristín Birna Björnsdóttir 1981-
27.8.2015Evaluation of airline cost structures and cost savings at low-cost carrier WOW air.Matthias Vogt 1988-
14.6.2018Executive coaching as a value creating tool for organizations : what is the perceived impact of coaching on the companies that fund the process?Linda Björk Bjarnadóttir 1989-