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Háskólinn í Reykjavík > Samfélagssvið / School of Social Sciences > MSc Viðskiptadeild (og Klínísk sálfræði -2019) / Department of Business Administration >
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Titlar 185 til 209 af 291
26.8.2015Key success factors for innovative business modelsMarta Káradóttir 1987-
10.8.2017Lock-up agreements in the Nordic countriesKári Þorsteinn Kárason 1991-
17.1.2019Looking at underrepresentation of women in high-profile jobs in Iceland from a social identity theory perspective : is gender a liability?Anna H. Johannessen 1990-
7.7.2016Market entry modes of Icelandic fisheries companiesÓskar Gunnarsson 1987-
14.1.2020The market risk premium in Iceland : what is the market risk premium for the Nasdaq OMX Iceland?Kristján Jóhannesson 1990-
4.9.2017Marketing and entrepreneurship : the case of firms in IcelandKristófer Kristófersson 1990-
23.1.2012Marketing research for a Teppanyaki restaurant in Iceland.Telma Bergmann Árnadóttir 1986-
1.3.2016Means to an end : marketing research on Icelandic cosmeceutical brands and consumers' motivations for purchaseStefanía Hrönn Guðrúnardóttir 1988-
18.6.2018Medically unexplained symptoms in primary health careSturla Brynjólfsson 1988-
28.9.2021Migration of foreign specialists into the high-tech sector in Iceland and the role of Human Resource ManagementDominique Elísabet James 1991-
7.7.2016Mobbing in the low-wage labor market in Iceland- : a comparison of imigrants and IcelandersMalgorzata Katrín Molenda 1988-
23.1.2019Mobile banking in Iceland the behaviour and views of managers and consumersLaufey Fríða Guðmundsdóttir 1984-
22.1.2019Motivation and disadvantages of entering Chinese startup clusters : based on the example of the German MittelstandKutz, Fredericke Marlies, 1993-
23.9.2021The Multicheck’s suitability in hiring processes for apprentices in Swiss insurance companiesAndri Kömeter 1991-
30.1.2014Network effects on the internationalization process of Icelandic Software FirmsTryggvi Jónsson 1978-
14.6.2018Non-cardiac chest pain and mental health : a study among patients at the Icelandic cardiac emergency wardÍvar Arash Radmanesh 1984-
24.1.2019Non-cardiac chest pain and psychological morbidity among patients cardiac emergency department and the emergency centreKristín Eva Rögnvaldsdóttir 1991-
7.8.2012Nordic investments in Russia : current business environment and outlook following Russia’s accession to the WTOOlessia Bankovskaya 1982-
23.9.2021Occupational stress and remedies amongst supermarket employees during COVID-19Nicoló Secondo Rech 1996-
28.9.2021Old name, new management : how to integrate the past with the futureEydís Ögn Uffadóttir 1987-
24.8.2017Once a sex offender- always a sex offender?Huldís Franksdóttir Daly 1968-
7.7.2016Online customer engagement on Twitter : the case of IcelandairHelena Gunnars Marteinsdóttir 1988-
31.1.2013Online Marketing & Travel Agencies. Development stages of websites and the use of webmetrics.Droplaug Guttormsdóttir 1986-
14.6.2018Operational risk in Icelandic tourism companiesSólveig Maria Seibitz 1993-
13.5.2019Parents experience and views on the assessment and treatment for children with OCD within the public mental health system in Iceland : a qualitative studySylvía Ósk Speight Kristínardóttir 1975-