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Titlar 1 til 25 af 125
25.1.2012A Face Recognition Plug-in for the PhotoCube BrowserKristján Rúnarsson 1970-
22.6.2021Adapting and improving a shallow parserGunnar Pálsson 1993-
22.6.2022Agent based scheduling algorithm to automate manual scheduling processes for a pharmaceutical companySara Árnadóttir 1994-
22.6.2021Analysis and detection of obstructive apnea in individual breath cyclesBenedikt Hólm Þórðarson 1993-
10.2.2015Analyzing different scheduling policies in Natjam using Timed RebecaHelgi Leifsson 1976-
14.6.2022ASR-based pronunciation assessment for non-native Icelandic speechLuke James Obrien 1994-
22.6.2021Assessing Vocoders for English and IcelandicGuolin Fang 1993-
9.2.2022Automated bijections with combinatorial explorationJón Steinn Elíasson 1987-
22.1.2019Automatic abstraction and refinement for simulations with adaptive level of detailDiamanti, Michelangelo 1994-
22.1.2019Automatic model abstraction for adaptive level of detail simulationMori, Giulio, 1994-
30.8.2011Automatic Planning In Wind-Energy Production Using Ensemble ForecastsÞór Sigurðsson 1968-
18.6.2018Automatic Quality Measurements of Fish Fillets using Convolutional Neural NetworksGuðmundur Már Einarsson 1982-
23.6.2020Autonomous landing of a multicopter using computer visionJoshua David Springer 1993-
1.2.2011Backtracking and value back-propagation in real-time searchSverrir Sigmundarson 1978-
14.6.2022Blockchain network analysis : bitcoin archeologySteindór Stefán Guðmundsson 1972-
1.2.2011CADIA-Player : a general game playing agentHilmar Finnsson 1974-
7.9.2017Comparison of Errorless Learning and Response Cost to simple Trial and Error learning in an automated learning environmentBrynjar Ólafsson 1983-
1.2.2011Controlling the Effects of Anomalous ARP Behaviour on Ethernet NetworksDaði Ármannsson 1980-
12.6.2019A convolutional neural network architecture benchmarking for semantic segmentation of fish fillet imagesElías Ingi Elíasson 1990-
7.9.2017A data driven analysis of clusters using UPPAALJón Friðrik Jónatansson 1987-
12.6.2019Deep learning approach to detect bones in fish filletsPétur Kristófer Oddsson 1985-
14.6.2022Deep learning approaches for maritime ship detection from inshore and offshore imageryJesper Winsten 1996-
26.1.2021Deploying reliable configuration data to IoT devices on named data networksHafsteinn Hjartarson 1985-
11.2.2016Design and Implementation of a Collectable Trading Card Board Game and Game AIKristján Tryggvason 1986-
3.9.2014Developing a next-generation Mobile Security solution for AndroidRovelli, Paolo, 1988-