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  • Titill er á ensku Personality, price framing and eco-labels: Do the Big five personality traits mediate price framing effectiveness and green purchase intentions?
  • Meistara
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    In order to optimize business performance, companies need to know how different marketing details affect the way consumers react to their products. One of the possible ways to gain a better understanding of what influences consumer purchase intentions could be to investigate the effect that personality traits have on how the consumer reacts to marketing decisions, such as price framing and expensive procedures like eco-labeling. This study focuses on the relationship between personality, framing and purchase intentions and the objective was to answer the question whether the Big five personality traits mediate the difference in effectiveness of different price framing techniques and eco-labeling. A 2x2 factorial experiment was designed where participants were randomly assigned to groups and then saw one of four possible advertisements. The advertisements had a picture of black unisex jeans on a discount either framed as “30% off” or “4,500 ISK off”, both of equal monetary value to the original price of “15,000 ISK”. Each of the discounts then either had a prominent eco-label present or not, accounting to a total of four groups. Participants subsequently answered the 44-item Big five personality questionnaire. The study is a contribution to the field of market segmentation based on personality, the work on price framing and eco-labels, and provides an insight into the previously uncovered relationship between these three constructs. The practical contribution is for all the marketers involved with making important decisions on price framing, eco-labels or whether to segment the target group based on personality traits.

  • 5.9.2019

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