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  • Titill er á ensku The Design of Slushflow Barriers: CFD Simulations
  • Meistara
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    Due to the cost of human lives near avalanche and slushflow prone locations, it is important to understand these flows and their interaction with dam barrier protection in a laboratory set-up. A previous project constructed a small-scale inclined chute that observed different dam configurations (Ágústsdóttir 2019). In this thesis, the experiment’s observations were used to verify results of 2-D CFD (Computerized Fluid Dynamics) calculations, since those are known to have a possible risk of inaccuracy and delusive results. The software, OpenFOAM, was used to construct a mesh, establish boundary conditions, and calculate flow characteristics to replicate the experiment’s high-Reynolds behavior and measurements.Comparison of experimental and simulated velocity, flow thickness, splash and hydraulic jump heights to find the most accurate match with the experiment. The simulation’s cell size, 0.05 m by 0.025 m, and roughness height of 0.002 m produced the most similar profile with the experiment. For further observations, dams were constructed individually with arrangements similar to the experiment. Parameter results showed that a 95◦ simulated dam was most similar to the experiment, and a 34◦ dam was least similar. With the exception of initial splash differences, the case with two small dams was also similar with the experiment. This thesis was able to show that 2-D CFD simulations can accurately predict velocity and Froude number parameters, but poorly predict splash and hydraulic jump heights. The simulations can be used to the benefit of fast and low-cost elements at least for velocity and Froude number predictions.

  • 3.10.2019

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