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  • Titill er á ensku Adderose: A Contemporary Exploration of Queer Representation in Sensation Fiction
  • Meistara
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    Victorian social politics greatly influenced the handling of gender and sexuality portrayed in Sensation Fiction novels – and considering how immensely popular these novels were, it is unsurprising that the restricted handling of minority characters has had a lasting effect. Adderose is a novella that illustrates these deeply rooted tropes in literature, which are often socially acceptable strategies of portraying unconventional characters to a widespread audience – however dangerous or empowering that may be. The novella and accompanying process essay focus on the representation of Queerness and Women, drawing upon Ellen Bayuk Rosenman’s paper describing the use of Melodrama as a literary strategy in Victorian writing. Adderose portrays a basic adultery plotline within two contexts, weaving these two stories together throughout the novella. One is set in Victorian-era Sussex, and the other in contemporary New York City. Essentially, by forcing a character to suffer and thereby generating enough sympathy from the reader, the character’s Otherness is “forgiven” by a conservative audience – even a Victorian audience. Bury Your Gays, also called Lesbian Death Syndrome, is a common trope in pop culture, often affecting Queer women characters. Through Queer Coding and by utilizing these restrictive tropes, Adderose highlights the history of the trope as well as the relationship between social politics and Queer representation. Keywords: Queer Representation, Victorian Literature, Sensation Fiction, Social Politics.

  • 12.12.2019

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