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  • Optimization of gate display times at Keflavik International Airport
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    Steering passengers through an airport is a complicated but very important task in the Airport operation. Not only making sure that passenger finds their way through the terminal but also making sure that they do so in good time before their flight. Streamlining the flow of passengers through the terminal and minimizing the time passengers spend in lines can have a serious effect on passenger behavior and the experience going through the terminal. At the same time, streamlining the flow of passengers can reduce operational costs as well as increase the airports revenue with happier passengers as they are considered more likely to shop at restaurants and retail at the airport. There are several ways of communicating with passengers at airports, the most common being the FIDS (Flight Information Display System) screens inside the terminal where information on each flight is displayed such as gate number and status of a flight.
    In this study, the current practices of FIDS usage at Keflavik is examined and outlined. Based on the study of these practices, an optimization model was developed with the objective of minimizing the queue time at border control by displaying the gate number at different times for passengers.
    The results are promising and show that the waiting times for passengers can be reduced by using the FIDS system, giving the passengers a better experience through the terminal and more time to spend in the revenue generating areas of the terminal.

  • 20.1.2020

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