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  • Titill er á ensku Using social proof techniques and attributes of social media influencers to promote fresh fish products
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    With the rising trend of e-commerce, traditional stores have started marketing and selling their products online. Businesses need to find ways to assure potential buyers of product quality when marketed and sold online. This has proved problematic when promoting products that consumers prefer to smell, touch and feel before buying. Fresh fish is a delicate product that fits this category. Social proof techniques have a significant effect on consumers purchasing decisions. Individuals look to others for cues on how to feel, think and behave. Businesses utilize social proof attributes on social media to promote products and gain consumers trust. An important platform for social media promotions is influencer marketing. Influencers have online profiles with numerous followers, where they shape audience attitudes. Influencer marketing has not been extensively studied and little is known if using influencers can benefit the fish industry. This thesis proposes using social media influencers to market fish online by utilizing social proof attributes to convey product quality. In this thesis influencers attributes are applied when advertising fresh fish to determine their impact on purchasing decisions. A choice-based conjoint (CBC) analysis is used to understand how companies can use influencers attributes and social proof to promote fresh fish. CBC analysis was used because it measures probable consumer preferences for individual product attributes. The interventions in the CBC analysis are the number of likes and followers, influencer type and how consumers respond to these attributes when combined with extrinsic fish attributes. The results show that the extrinsic attributes of price, procurement method and place of origin are of utmost importance but having high coherence between promotions and influencers is an effective way of marketing fresh fish on social media. With the relevant influencer and message, it is possible to surpass barriers like high prices and attract consumers to healthier food options.

  • 6.2.2020

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