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  • Titill er á ensku Össur's investment in the Icelandic direct to consumer market of bracing and support
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    This thesis evaluates untapped opportunities on the Icelandic direct to consumer (D2C) market for Össur’s support products. The research conducted comes to a conclusion whether or not the company should consider further investment in this market. The aspects analyzed in order to come to a conclusion were, the customer journey of support product customers and the market potential of the D2C market of support products. In order to gain a better understanding of those aspects, interviews and surveys were conducted with over 300 participants. Along with that, online research was conducted on competitors and distribution channels of support products. The analysis revealed that the largest market segment is active individuals. Not only did it reveal the main consumers but also where to find them and which support products they use the most. Currently, Össur does not have enough touchpoints to reach all of its consumers. Strategic group mapping was used to find Össur’s main competitors. Finally, the market potential was established and indicated the company is not living up to its potential. In conclusion there are untapped opportunities on this market that Össur should invest in. Suggestions were made on how and where to invest in these opportunities with the assistance of the marketing mix.

  • 11.6.2020

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