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  • Titill er á ítölsku InfernO - Favola in Musica
  • Meistara
  • Written exactly 700 years after Dante Alighieri completed his Divine Comedy, InfernO is not just a tribute to one of the greatest work of literature produced by mankind. With this composition I wanted to explore a connection between a relatively ancient past and our modern times.
    Dante's verses are not just words, they do possess a sort of natural predisposition towards musicality. From a time long gone they echo through our imagination. They call us.
    When I first started to read the Inferno it was not an easy task. The Italian language used is so old that it's sometimes difficult to follow or understand, even for a modern Italian. But the more I red the more I felt like becoming “accustomed” to be a part of those ancient times. The language was gradually becoming more clear and familiar, it was echoing in my imagination. Certainly Dante's imagination is not for the faint of heart. The way he pictured Hell is something out of the ordinary and in a way it's easy to see why Dante Alighieri' s work inspired and still inspires us all.

  • InfernO explores these ancient connections through the use of what I call the Exomodal harmony.
    It's an harmonical dimension based on a 15 tones scale, created for the purpose of merging musics that existed in different
    times and places. Even though I have written music with this method before, while creating the Exomodal harmony,
    InfernO is the first composition where I feel like I truly began to explore the potential of the Exomodal realm.
  • 22.6.2020

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