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    In this paper I address why I stand up for political art, how I approach the world from that position and how I interact with my surroundings through that kind of art. I will reflect on my works and concepts, which evolve on site, in relation to context—they are often site-specific, non-object-oriented and speak to the viewer through explicit body participation.
    The physical interactions that appear from the work give me the opportunity to open up a dialogue to talk about the contemporary and its problematics. I am most interested in a form of communication that almost dissolves in the everyday like simple gestures that can also be perceived under specific circumstances such as exhibitions or public interventions.
    The political also serves to locate me not only as an artist but also as an individual and I am always searching and reconfiguring my position to better define the art I make and what kind of artist I am.

  • 24.6.2020

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