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  • Titill er á ensku The Gazing Zone
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    The Gazing Zone is a carefully curated experiment on perception of Self and Other. When gazing at what exists one tends to apply meaning to things that might be differently perceived by various organisms. The experiment manifests in accordingly different forms (e.g. debates, performances, rituals, yet undescribed explorations) taking place in situ, to immerse in the relations of objects creating given environment, rather than examine them in the void. In search for radical and conflicted minds coming from different fields and parts of the world, the Gazing Zones are an intimate collision of humans with non-human people, coming together as objects having the same form of agency. It is also a playful way to engage with storytelling and narrative-based approach to the absurdity of being alive, having the world as a stage full of actors.

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  • 24.6.2020

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