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  • Titill er á ensku Inside the vivid Space of Contradictions : a Search for an open Space in Nature, Fiction and Reality.
  • Meistara
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    In the beginning there is always darkness.
    The light makes us see things. We can go to things and grasp them because we can measure distances with light. The light makes the colours and the shadow.
    But everything disappears before our eyes in the darkness, even the measurement.
    The world appears differently in the darkness. Things become unrecognisable.
    In this thesis, the essay text of my film "Light, Wind and Memories make a Consistence" is transformed into an artistic object. I substantiate the thoughts in the essay with theories about fiction, reality, nature, fragments, dreams and nothingness.
    The fragment in particular is not only a subject in this work it is also a means that helps me to interconnect the aforementioned terms with each other in a fragmentary way to illuminate the essential aspects in order to assert and support my thoughts.
    In this thesis I would like to follow the questions that I am invoking in the essay such as: Why should we look for a space of darkness and how is it connected to making art? Why do I suspect an unknown space at the interface of reality and fiction? And why do I want to look for it? Is there a lack of such a space in our times?

  • 25.6.2020

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