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  • Minnúla
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  • When thinking about future relationships between augmented humans and machines, questions on the form of that relationship arise. How will these partners communicate? With language or some new methods? Will languages survive these changes or even be needed? How then might the human perspective be altered?
    When researching these issues, I started realizing that my final project was two sided. At first, I wanted to explore how emerging technologies affect people and their daily lives by creating a platform for addressing these relationships and give them new names, essentially creating new Icelandic words for new scenarios relating to novel technologies. One such word I created was Minnúla, meaning a memory not essentially based on reality. Such a memory could be created for example in augmented reality (AR), or with the help of any other technology that might alter the user’s perception of reality. Archiving these new relationships and finding novel Icelandic words for them is what I wanted to address in the beginning of the project.
    This then led me to speculate on the idea of how we humans filter information, how that quality has evolved and how new emerging technologies might exert those abilities to the extreme. This concept also had a personal source, a pursuit of focus for my personal creative process and how it might become more disciplined. I speculated on a future of human- machine cooperation and how communications might evolve. Also, I imagined a what-if scenario that presented a technology that enables humans to filter selected inputs out of their reality. This led to speculations on how this might affect individuals and the society as a whole.
    I feel these ideas work well in unison, an archive on exploring the relationship between humans and emerging technologies, showing the research, process and speculations, where the first publication is by me and then followed by other participants. Secondly the publication where I researched the concept of human-machine cooperation with regards to learning algorithms and speculated on filtering the escalating amount of generated information. I will therefore address both these sides of the project in the rest of this text.

  • 25.6.2020

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