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  • Visibly tattooed job applicants: Lookism in hiring
  • Master's
  • Lookism, appearance-based prejudice, or discrimination appears to be a real problem in the labour market. A strong stereotype and stigma seem to follow tattoos and there is an indication that visibly tattooed people are subjected to work-related discrimination, but visible tattoos fall under the category of physical appearance. This study examines what effect visible tattoos have on employment chances and hireability rating by recruiters. Participants in this study needed to have reached the age of 18 and a hiring experience and/or human resource management was a condition to participate. Four resumes were made with non-tattooed male/female applicants and visibly tattooed male/female applicant and participants were asked to evaluate one randomly selected applicant. Our results indicate that tattooed people are in fact subjected to work-related prejudice and visibly tattooed job applicants are considered less intelligent and less hireable than non-tattooed applicants. Older recruiters are more likely to hold prejudiced views towards visibly tattooed job-applicants and male recruiters more so than female recruiters. Older recruiters seem to hold statistical-based prejudice against visibly tattooed applicants which was unexpected. This study contributes to the literature of work-related prejudice and discrimination against tattooed individuals. In addition, this study adds new information concerning the impact of employers' age, gender, and hiring experience on work-related prejudice against visibly tattooed job applicants but research concerning the subject is almost non-existent.

  • Sep 10, 2020
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/37027

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