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  • Titill er á ensku The relationship between worries and safety-seeking behaviour in Generalized Anxiety Disorder
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    The aim of this qualitative study was to gain an in-depth understanding of experiences and reactions to uncertainty among individuals with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). General hypothesises were made that individuals with GAD perceive uncertainty as threatening only in situations that matter most to them. Safety-seeking behaviours (SSB), reactions to perceived threat, and dysfunctional core beliefs are assumed to play an important role in the maintenance and treatment of GAD. Data was collected with six self-report measurements and an audio recorded, semi-structured interview of four participants, all of whom had a primary diagnosis of GAD. Thematic framework analysis was employed as a research methodology. The analysis provided six overarching themes, early childhood experience, fear of failure and disapproval/rejection, dysfunctional core beliefs, cognitive biases, life rules, and safety-seeking behaviours, and 35 subthemes. Results indicate that cognitive biases and core beliefs developed through early childhood experiences determine ones´ perception of the environment. Intolerance of uncertainty is dependent on dysfunctional core beliefs, in which uncertainty is perceived as a threat of life rules which may be broken in situations consistent with one´s values and lifegoals. SSBs, used to prevent, control, or eliminate this uncertainty in relation to dysfunctional core beliefs, are believed to be an important factor in the maintenance and treatment of GAD. Results demonstrate the importance of identifying dysfunctional core beliefs which contribute to idiosyncratic threat-beliefs and accompanying SSBs in the treatment of GAD.
    Keywords: Generalized Anxiety Disorder, worries, safety-seeking behaviour, intolerance of uncertainty, thematic analysis

  • 17.9.2020

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