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  • Titill er á ensku Cliffs of Proprioception : Potential Foundational Parameters of Automation within the Socio-Technics of Contemporary Social Reality
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    As modern and contemporary society is in the beginnings of a transitional, transformational, trans-national and global phase of extending its collective mind and infrastructure into a newly automated, technological, and predominately digital sphere – it is of importance to attempt to define and question the technological parameters, processes, and power structures within the formation of this re-constituted existence. The proliferation of technological data extraction processes made possible by a relatively newfound reliance on social and cultural systems of communication have coincided with exponential improvements in data storage and raw computational power – the combinative effect of potentially creating a bedrock formation within the consolidation of layers, protocols, and ‘languages’ that have potential to act as foundational within this construct of reality. The term proprioception means to increase awareness of the position of one's body, is sometimes referred to as a sixth sense, and can also be defined as ‘ground feel’. In this technological context, it refers to the removal and shifting of the ground in the societal infrastructure of social technics. The realm of technics can be defined as technical terms, details and methods of technology and the study or theory of industry and industrial arts (i.e. technology). This paper serves as a speculative inquiry into some of the socio-technics that are potentially facilitating this formation – utilizing an interdisciplinary framework that intersects with my own experimental terminology.

  • 2.10.2020

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