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  • Titill er á ensku Customer journey preferences during the COVID-19 pandemic : the case of Icelandair
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    During the COVID-19 outbreak, companies are striving to figure out how to adjust their customer journey and touch points in regard to customers ́ preferences. This thesis adds to the scarce literature on how the customer journey should be by using a multi-attribute product concept meaning multiple attributes in the form of services and products will be put forward in two sequential studies. These studies will be conducted in the context of the air transport industry. The method chosen for data collection was choice-based conjoint analysis (CBC) and interviews which purpose was to act as supplement to the conjoint analysis. In study 1, there is a conduction of semi-structured interviews examining consumer preferences during the pandemic. This was done with the means-end chain approach and laddering technique along with the Technology Acceptance Model. In study 2, the examination is taken further by analyzing customers ́ preferences within each touch point of the customer journey by conducting a CBC analysis. The findings reveal that customer preferences have been affected during COVID-19 in regard to products and services. Their primary concern is health and safety and therefore new products and services have come to light. When traveling, customers want a COVID-19 sanitizing package, sanitizing equipment, streaming ability from own devices to screens in front of them while on- board more. Because these attributes are not too costly to implement and would increase the value of customers ́ journeys the airline should aim to finish implementation in near future. These results, among further insights can be used by Icelandair to understand what actions to take so the airline can continue providing customers a good customer journey.
    Keywords: Customer journey, preferences, airline industry, Technology Acceptance Model, COVID-19

  • 20.10.2020

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