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  • Titill er á ensku Cofounder matchmaking: what makes a good cofounder and where to find one
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    The literature reviewed for this thesis suggests that having a cofounder when launching a startup is crucial for the success of the startup. Furthermore, studies show that 65% of startups fail due to interpersonal tension between cofounders. This leads to the conclusion that more care should be given when trying to find a suitable cofounder, and the question arises how a fitting cofounder is found. This thesis deals with the topics of what makes a good cofounder, where a suitable cofounder can be found, and what causes interpersonal tension within the cofounding team. A mixed-methods approach is used to answer these research questions. Results confirm the hypothesis that a cofounder is crucial when founding a startup, as well as show that complementary skill sets and clear role assignment not only facilitate cohesion within the founding team, but also help the venture become successful. It was also found that character is regarded as more important than skill, and that cofounders’ personalities play an important role within the team. Furthermore, it was found that homogeneity within the team promotes positive team dynamics and cohesiveness, hence reducing possible tension between cofounders.

  • 25.1.2021

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