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Vinsamlegast notið þetta auðkenni þegar þið vitnið til verksins eða tengið í það:

  • Titill er á ensku Old tales in new ways
  • Meistara
  • Útdráttur er á ensku

    In this paper I will present new teaching material built around two fairy tales and a poem by the Danish writer and poet Hans Christian Andersen. The aim of this teaching material is to engage children from age 10-13 in creative learning processes in elementary schools. This will be done by combining lessons in handcraft and Icelandic, as well as music.
    I have therefore written music to each of these stories which will be integrated with the material and used as part of the teaching. The projects function as a bridge between classical composition and elementary school teaching.
    Besides the music, I have attempted to implement other creative elements such as puppetry, foley and poetry-writing.

  • 1.2.2021

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