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  • Titill er á ensku Subjective Stigma Among Icelandic Prison Inmates - An Explorative Analysis
  • Meistara
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    This explorative analysis is concerned with uncovering the mechanism of stigma underlying the labeling theory framework in criminological research, by studying the prison population of Iceland. Seminal works by authors in both the life-course and classic and modified labeling traditions have stressed the existence of labeling effects, arguing that formal labeling is related to secondary deviance and other negative life circumstances, set in motion by stigmatization of the offender. Stigmatization as the mechanism underlying this labeling effect is however scarcely studied. This explorative study attempts to show the relationship of subjective stigma among offenders in Iceland to expectations about the future, coping mechanisms, and social bonds, by using multiple adapted measurement instruments. By surveying one third of Iceland’s prison population (N = 49), evidence was found that stigma was indeed associated with the possible detrimental effects described in the labeling literature, adding to the evidence in support of the labeling framework. Stigma was found to be associated with a less positive outlook on the future. Those that perceived significantly higher levels of stigma were more likely to use secrecy as a coping mechanism to deal with this stigma. Respondents experiencing high levels of social support were less prone to stigmatization in general. Finally, drug offenders and addicts reported more stigma than other offenders. This study contributes to the expansion of knowledge about the mechanisms underlying the criminogenic effect of labeling processes by showing the existence of subjective stigmatization effects.

  • 4.5.2021

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