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  • Titill er á ensku Witches in Literature. The changes of the witch figure throughout history
  • Bakkalár
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    The thesis explores the elements that make the witch and what elements have appeared in almost every story regarding a witch. The witchcraft background is about the possession of supernatural powers and has existed in cultures for ages, and has had few changes throughout literature. The thesis discusses the different witches from Western literature, from Greek mythology to the more modern stories. The most common elements that have stayed with the witch figure throughout literature are that witches are not accepted in their community and are approached by other characters for help. The historical relevance to how the witches are portrayed, as from ageless goddesses and when Christianity came into play and witchcraft became more about devil worship, the witches became darker and became the villains. In more modern times, the historical approach to witchcraft relates to devil worship. They believed witches got their power from the devil or Wicca witchcraft, which is more about ceremonial magic. The thesis examines the witches’ physical appearance and how it is primarily down to two different stereotypes with old women or beautiful young women. The witches often have companions in animal forms that are much more intelligent than they appear. The thesis examines the fact that witches are always outsiders in their community and are often feared for their abilities. The thesis discusses the changes the witch figure has gone through because of the time period and while there are changes to the witch stereotype, a witch is a woman with supernatural powers who are not accepted in their community.

  • 7.5.2021

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