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  • Titill er á ensku Morpheus and His Tragic Dream
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    This essay is an analysis of Morpheus. The main character in the graphic novel series Sandman. Morpheus stands out to other comic book characters for when he first appeared in the late 80's he was something new and fresh. Morpheus is not a superhero who has a rouge's gallery of villains and is designed to keep on battling them forever. No, Morpheus's story had an ending from the start. Sandman starts with the beginning of Morpheus's end. As Morpheus approaches his ending, the reader is taken on a fantastical journey told in 76 issues of comics. The fact that it is a story told through the medium of comics allows Morpheus and other characters to move freely between various subgenres of fantasy. First, Sandman uses the image-text relationship of comics to portray the internal conflict of Morpheus. Secondly, Sandman is a metafantasy series that allows it to reimagine and re-tell stories and myths to a new audience. In this way, Sandman shows that comics can be much more than just superhero stories. It shows how the medium can be used to tell an adult theme tragic story of a mythical figure's downfall. Shown through flashbacks, the reader gets to see the behavior of Morpheus which provides a new context for Morpheus's quest. Morpheus's quest is that of redemption and change. Morpheus tries to redeem for his past transgression but in the process, he finds out that the cost of redemption can be a steep one.
    Another interesting fact about Morpheus is that he has a Faustian relationship with William Shakespeare. Both characters are shown as being similar and both are tragic in their way. It is in this way that Morpheus, Shakespeare, and Prospero all symbolize the tortured artist. A trope that has drawn people to certain artists and art throughout the ages, Morpheus is no exception.

  • 11.5.2021

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