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  • Titill er á ensku Masters of the Mediterranean: Instigating factors in the evolution of the Roman Republican army up to the Social War
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    The Roman armed forces underwent extensive changes in the sixth to first centuries B.C and there were a number of factors that led to its evolution through the years. Extensive research into the military and socio-political history of Rome has come to the general conclusion that the primary factor driving change in the Roman army was the societal unrest brought about by Rome’s rapid expansion in the third and second centuries B.C. Whereas this is undoubtedly the main impetus behind the changes, I believe that there are certain factors that are often overlooked in the grander Roman historical narrative.
    In this paper, I will draw information from various prominent scholars in the field of Roman military history and put forward some of my speculations pertaining to elements of Roman military development that may often go unnoticed in relation to the overarching picture of Roman social and political history. As a result of this research, it remains that the societal factors which created unrest and challenged the traditional Roman socio-political system of the Republic remain the most prominent and influential factors instigating change. However there are a number of other elements which have been brought to light that played a large part in shaping the Roman army of the Republic. Among these are the organisational capabilities of the Romans, their willingness to adapt to new ideas, intuitive levying methods and the increasing scale of conflict brought about by consistent successes.

  • 11.5.2021

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