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  • Comparative Analyses of Educational Singing Methods
  • Bachelor's
  • This article offers a comparative analysis of singing education. The purpose is to bring an understanding of how singing is taught in both a physiological and psychological manner. In addition to that, there seem not to be many comparable articles in this subject.
    The function of the voice is often considered as a complex field but during the last couple of decades, scientific research has brought much understanding of how the voice functions. From this research, teachers and singers have been given information and tools to develop and to teach. There are a lot of theories and myths about singing today and because everyone learns differently, it is important to look at the variety in the singing area such as the classical department and in the modern area. I have used the book „Singing and teaching singing: A Holistic Approach to Classical Voice“ written by professor Janice L. Chapman who is an international acclaimed singing teacher known as a pioneer in the field of multidisciplinary work in vocal science and health. Another source is the method „Complete Vocal Technique“. Instead of the book, I have used their digital application. Founder, Cathrine Sadolin, is among the leading researchers in the world as her research across all vocal styles combined with her own experience has inspired innovative thinking within the field. Last, I have also used the book „Freeing the Natural Voice“ written by Kristin Linklater, a world-renowned teacher of voice production who has pursued a highly successful academic and theatrical career in the United States and Europe for the past fifty tears. These different sources will give us a broad perspective of how singing and teaching voice has changed over time up till today.

  • Jun 15, 2021
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/39265

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