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Thesis (Bachelor's)

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  • The difference between swimmers with and without intellectual disabilities in the 6x50m pacing test
  • Bachelor's
  • Pacing is a skill of distributing energy optimally during a race or training. Pacing is considered an important tool in athletic performance. Athletes with intellectual impairment (II) have shown to have decreased abilities at pacing in time-based sports. The purpose of this study is to observe how swimmers with II differ from swimmers without II. In this study the 6x50m pacing test was used to acquire the data needed to understand how the swimmers invest energy while pacing. Swimmers (n=48) form different nations took roll in the study, of which 34 are swimmers with II, and 14 swimmers without II. The results show that the group with II were significantly inferior at hitting target time in all the six 50m sprints, when both externally and internally paced. The swimmers with II show to have more difficulties matching the pre-planned pace given before the test. The group with II were on average 2,55 seconds away from their target times, and the biggest difference between the two groups was 2,65 seconds (p<0,0001) in the 4th 50m sprint. The difference in stroke length (SL) was significant (p=0,05) in all six 50m sprints. Swimmers with II show to have shorter SL than swimmers without-t II. The difference between the two groups in stroke-rate (SR) was significant (p=0,05) in all but the 3rd and 6th 50m sprints. This study shows that individuals with II have difficulties holding a consistent pace and show difficulties with a sudden change of a targeted pace. The conclusion is that individuals with II show to have a harder time at holding a certain pace and have difficulties of a sudden change of pace. Coaches should invest more time in pace work with individuals with II.

  • Jun 15, 2021
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/39316

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