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  • Titill er á ensku Web service connection to Arion Bank
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    This is the final report for the assignment Web Service Connection to Arion Bank. This Final report will go over the project itself and goes into relative details of what the process of developing the solution included. The report will go over the project in regards to the problem at hand. The steps necessary to follow to be able to deliver a product that was acceptable in the sense of measuring up to requirements and standards.
    The report will start by describing the project and give a visual representation of the project's flow. Following a more detailed description of the project and the work ethics that the team followed for the duration of the project. This includes the Scrum workflow methodology and agreement reached by the team members. It will also include products of the Sprints that the team followed and goes into scope changes and solutions.
    The project backlog includes the functional- and general requirements the team set for the system. Those were prioritized by urgency and scope of the project in concession with Advania group. Slowly items from the backlog were added to the sprints and given a certain story point. Those were determined with urgency, security and significance in mind.
    The report also goes over our risk analysis of the project and a more comprehensive description of the actual implementation of the project utilizing different technology environments, main components and tools. It also contains a user manual which contains step-by-step instructions on how to use the final product that was delivered. The report ends with a brief discussion about the future of the project and next steps.

  • 18.6.2021

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