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Vinsamlegast notið þetta auðkenni þegar þið vitnið til verksins eða tengið í það:

  • Nonlinear thermal electric analysis of platinum microheaters
  • Meistara
  • A thermal electric finite element method (FEM) analysis was used to investigate the thermal properties of individual electrically driven platinum microheaters. The results suggest that the temperature regulation mechanism used is reliable despite changes in the structural properties of the platinum due to electromigration and annealing effects. The temperature distribution was found to be very localized around the heaters, especially for heaters of width under 2 micrometers, in agreement with experiments. The results suggest that by using thicker oxide layer the radiation efficiency and the heater lifetime can be increased substantially. Time dependent analysis gave a response of the order of tens of nanoseconds for submicron wire width, suggesting they could be useful where infrared pulses at frequency lower than 10 MHz are needed. Alternative substrates are suggested and their effect on the thermal properties are investigated. A bi-directional current power regulation system able to run at 20 kHz was designed to decrease the effect of electromigration and extend the heater lifetime.

  • 978-9979-70-639-7
  • 7.10.2009

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