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  • Titill er á ensku In a State Of Solitude
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    Design Analysis of the graduation project for the MA in Design. Solitude is not just ´being alone´; it is an active experience, outside of all societal rules. This series of models is a pataphysical inquiry into non-living objects evolving in solitude, pointing out how objects exist, act, and “live” beyond the realm of human perception.
    Outside of a utilitarian gaze, matter exposes its own characteristics; it starts telling stories and even ´vibrate´. What would a rock do in solitude? The philosophies of Pataphysics and Object- Oriented Ontology allows the space where relations between subjects and objects, living and ananimate are redefined. In this space without hierarchies, objects can offer an analogy to human experiences such as Solitude.
    Alfred Jarry, the founder of pataphysics, enjoyed annoying his physics teacher by giving him imaginary solutions to his scientific questions and he would joke that what he was saying was pataphysical which was a pun on ‘pas-ta-physique’ which translated to ‘not your physics’. It is an escape from reality - reminding us just how idiotic the rules that dog our everyday existence are. Object Oriented Ontology similarly gives room for questioning wether non human entities experience existence outside our definition of consciousness. It gives room to imagine lives of objects as conscious entities in a state of Solitude.

  • 22.6.2021

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