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  • Titill er á ensku The design and numerical analysis of a microfluidicssystem for osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stemcells.
  • Hönnun og töluleg greining á smástraums kerfi fyrir beinsérhæfingu mesenchymal stofnfrumna
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    Growing old is one of the hallmarks of the human experience and is characterized byfunctional, biochemical and morphological changes in the human body. While theaverage lifespan has been steadily rising over the last decades, unfortunately, the healthspan of the population has not followed the same trend. Therefore our society is metwith a demand to cultivate and expand our knowledge of regenerative medicine withskeletal tissue being in high demand. The advancement of micro-bioreactors, alsoknown as Organ-on-chips [OoC’s] has seen great strides in their development over thelast two decades. These OoC’s attempt to mimic the specific characteristic features ofthe target tissue/organ in order to built more accurate physiological models. Allowing forcomplete control of key parameters such as mass flow, temperature, pH levels mechanicalstresses and more in a tightly controlled and defined three dimensional physio-chemicalenvironment.This thesis investigates possible designs and CFD simulations of the fluid stresses actingon the scaffold to further stimulate osteogenesis, and proposes a viable Bone-on-chipsystem for future development. The thesis also investigates the early periods of mes-enchymal stem cells during osteogenic differentiation. Where the glucose/lactate levelsare assesed, including the development of a characteristic profile of the metabolomicand lipidomic factors that could allude to key biomarkers which could be used to assessthe proposed system.

  • 24.6.2021

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