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  • Titill er á ensku Scandinavian Women in Viking Age Society
  • Meistara
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    This thesis investigates the roles that were available for Scandinavian women during the Viking age. Scandinavian women have long been marginalised in Viking age scholarship until relatively recently. The popular picture so often conjured of the Viking age is one of male warriors in a violent world consisting of raids, destruction, and enslaving a Christian Europe. However, with modern archaeological discoveries and an emphasis on gender orientated studies, a more complex and diverse narrative has emerged. The Viking age saw the expansion of the Norse world into new territories, Viking raids turned into long term settlements and thriving urban cities emerged that became centres for trade and commerce. This expansion included women almost immediately and this thesis explores the female role of pioneer, traveller, and, in certain trading hubs, businesswoman. This thesis will also address the controversial role of the female warrior and popular modern representation of Viking age women by analysing archaeological sources and Old Norse literature. In addition, the idea that these Scandinavian women had more rights and liberties than most, especially for the era, is something this thesis will be examining, and I will be using Anglo-Saxon women as a means of comparison. Through these methods, this thesis has concluded that while Scandinavian women were able to have more wide reaching and varied roles than their counterparts, when it came to legal matters and their standing in society, they were not so different and there are many similarities in their circumstances, despite the differing religious beliefs.

  • 9.9.2021

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