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  • Titill er á ensku Corporate social responsibility - human resource management in North America : an analysis of diversity, inclusion and belonging
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    The literature reviewed for this thesis suggests that North America is the leading country in advancing the CSR-HRM strategies within their large corporations. However, every organization has its distinctive structure concerning its HRM strategy and CSR ideologies. As a result, measuring and analyzing CSR’s impact on HR practices across this broad spectrum can be challenging and requires measurements of models and theories for insights. The research conducted for this thesis examines the benefits and challenges that North American corporations face when attempting to adopt CSR into their HRM strategies. A theoretical review introduces the overview of CSR, HRM, and three main objectives of diversity, inclusion, and belonging. It additionally introduces theories and models that are relevant to this study. A multiple case qualitative research strategy, the subject area, was examined by nine HRM professionals in large North American corporations. The findings revealed differences in approaches and impressions on how to develop diversity, inclusion and belonging CSR components into North American HRM departments. HR strategies on CSR are contingent on the scope and structure of ideologies being brought into the organization. CSR can be used as a strategic tool for attention, interpretation and retention of customers through political statements, marketing techniques, and company values. Additionally, corporations have begun to rethink their primary role in society, how they contribute, and the strategies they could be taking. The research provides propositions to implement effective CSR-HRM strategies of diversity, inclusion and belonging, and be more cohesive in practices and policies between the North American countries. Moreover, the conclusion chapter contains limitations to the research and suggestions for future research.
    Keywords: Human resource management, corporate social responsibility, North America, diversity, inclusion, belonging

  • 23.9.2021

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