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  • Titill er á ensku Amy March: More than Jo’s Foil : Analysis of Little Women’s Amy March
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    For many years Amy March, from Louisa May Alcott’s novel Little Women, has been seen as the worst sister. While all the sisters face their struggles, Amy’s flaws are the most egregious and noticeable. She is vain, spoiled, and selfish and is often referred to as the foil to Jo, the protagonist. She has even been referred to as the antagonist to Jo. This essay aims to analyse Amy’s character and use two of the film adaptations from 1994 and 2019, both of which are directed, written and produced by a female crew, to compare the portrayal of her in the novel and how she is depicted in the two films. Both films offer a new perspective from other adaptations. The 1994 film had two actresses portraying Amy, one as a young girl and the other as a young woman while the 2019 film was not in chronological order. Both these choices add more layers to the portrayal of the characters and mainly to Amy. The films both flesh out the character of Amy: the former focuses more on her as a young girl while the latter focuses on an older Amy. By comparing these two adaptations to the novel, it gives more depth to the character in her childhood and adulthood. The thesis also compares Amy Jo, and in order to analyse both the differences and similarities between the two sisters. By comparing the two of them it demonstrates both of their complexities and shows how the sisters’ lives mirror and contrast one another. This paper aims to analyse Amy’s growth and uses examples of scenes in the two films to show how Amy overcomes her struggles, aiming to show that Amy is more than the foil to her sister Jo.

  • 5.1.2022

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