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  • Titill er á ensku The Prophecy of the inevitable environmental catastrophe is seen in Frankenstein, or, the Modern Prometheus from the perspective of Ecofeminism.
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    My B.A. thesis Essay will focus on the legendary gothic novel Frankenstein or Modern Prometheus. I want to explore its central themes of gender roles and nature and attempt to analyze this iconic literary masterpiece by Marry Shelley from the perspective of ecofeminism. Although this work came to existence two centuries ago, the monster of Frankenstein perpetually resides in numerous adaptations and revisions until today. While its complex, multilayered structure offers an infinite possibility for interpretations, the idea of an inevitable ecological disaster resulting from the inappropriate exploitation of natural resources led by scientific progress is highly resonant in the current environmental situation.
    In support of my thesis, I will explore the theories on women and men viewed in the context of nature versus culture based on the anthropological works by Sherry B. Ortner in the context of ecofeminist theories led by prominent voices behind the feminist ecocriticism movement. I will apply three main theories of ecofeminism to the narrative of the tale by examining the depiction of the female characters of the novel as inert lifeless beings and dead/missing mothers. I will also pay close attention to the biographical facts and the circumstances that led Mary Shelley to create this work of fiction and her interpersonal relations with her prominent parents, her husband Piercy Shelley, and her close circle of friends. In addition, I will examine the reverberating imagery of nature and Greek mythology as literary devices present in the novel. Finally, I will draw an In conclusion where I will articulate the connections between the modern theories of ecofeminism and the novel's themes.

  • 9.5.2022

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