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  • Titill er á ensku Cybersecurity maturity : researching managerial views to develop a maturity model and cybersecurity health certificate
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    Cybersecurity is important to protect data from damage or theft. Researching cybersecurity is a vital part of knowing what is needed to defend against those attacks. Especially in times of rapid change where new and previously unknown threats are appearing or technology advancements making them more accessible.
    The main subject of this thesis is to examine the needs and challenges of managers and staff in IT departments regarding cybersecurity. The research questions posed are: What is the target group’s view on cybersecurity issues within companies and what aspects give the target group the best overview of the state of their cybersecurity? We have conducted ten interviews and from those interviews we derived to design a health certificate for cybersecurity prototype which we evaluated with ten experts.
    A maturity model was defined to give a better perspective on different levels of cybersecurity. After analysing the results of each interview, the interviewees were categorized by their level of cybersecurity using a maturity model.
    The results from the interviews revealed that overall, the target group views cybersecurity as important. The companies interviewed are almost all reliant on their computer systems, but they are also limited by available resources. Some participants found it difficult to say exactly what it is that gives them a good overview while simultaneously claiming they do. The claim to perform a series of tests and audits but only few times a year. When considering how fast cyber-threats evolve, we question if that is enough and whether the audits are kept up to date.

  • 10.6.2022

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