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  • Titill er á ensku Redesign of a cutting unit in a salmon gutting machine for cost and reliability
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    The fish processing industry has undergone enormous changes in recent decades. Fish processors are constantly looking for new technology to substitute manual labor and meet the high expectations of consumers. This pressures manufacturing companies like Marel to produce high-tech food processing systems to comply with those demands.
    A gutting machine for whole salmon is currently being developed by Marel. One critical step of the gutting process is guiding the knife blade to the correct location on the salmon. There have been problems such as blockage from fish scales and possible external damage to the salmon regarding that step. Additionally, the current design results in undesirably high manufacturing costs. Hence, the objective of this project is to investigate improvements of the part as well as lowering the manufacturing cost. Two methods were chosen: Axiomatic Design was employed to ensure a systematic design process during the redesign. The Design for Manufacturing approach enlightened the possibility of using different fabrication methods. Hence, the feasibility of using additive manufacturing or casting is examined. The analysis required detailed manufacturing cost estimation, real-life measurements of salmon, and systematic assessment from experts.
    Results show that the fabrication method that would provide added value to the part is 3D metal printing. Estimation shows that the manufacturing costs could be reduced by 21% for 15 parts produced. Using this method also provides advantageous features related to hygiene and functionality which are considered priceless when designing a part that plays such a crucial role.
    Keywords: Salmon processing, Additive manufacturing, Axiomatic Design, Design for Manufacturing

  • 16.6.2022

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