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    This thesis is composed of my thoughts, my doubts, my personal description of my own work in context with said thoughts, and in between a few intermezzo pages. The purpose of those intermezzo pages are for the reader to take a breath, reflect on what has been read and to get a fresh perspective on the next chapter. I am eternally searching for intermezzo; a palate cleanser; a neutral place. In the thesis I talk about the need for a neutral place in the constant movement of life. I talk about the truth in traces left by the movement. I use the word map as a metaphor for my layered art practice. I use many other metaphors in the thesis. A work of art is, after all, in a way, a metaphor. The artist is the messenger of the metaphor. I relate my art practice to the concept of Rhizome introduced by the philosophers Deleauze and Guattari. Rhizome is a mass of roots growing in all directions, connecting everything to everything. It is the opposite of a tree like structure, with one final goal. I am a mess, structureless, and many personalities inhabit my mind at the same time. Often contradicting each other but are all equally important for the whole picture.

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  • 23.6.2022

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