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  • Titill er á ensku Clinical evaluation of an Icelandic adaptation of Moving Forward : a post-treatment course offered to women who have completed treatment for breast cancer
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    With higher survival rates due to better screening and treatment options for breast cancer, the research into practical and suitable aftercare treatments for breast cancer survivors (BCS) has increased in recent decades. Many BCS feel insecure when their treatment finishes as they are not in frequent contact with their medical team and have unanswered questions about this phase in their lives. The current study aims to clinically evaluate an adapted version of the course Moving Forward, which is a psychoeducational aftercare for BCS. The course aims to assist participants in adjusting to life after treatment through education. The study evaluated the course's effectiveness in reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress and improving sleep quality and quality of life. Participants, 42 breast cancer survivors, answered the study questionnaire at three-time points, at baseline, immediately after completing the intervention, and one month after course completion. The results revealed that the course was effective in reducing depressive symptoms and improving sleep quality both immediately after completing the intervention and at the follow-up one month after the course ended. No significant improvements were seen in anxiety, stress, and quality of life. Future studies need to include larger sample sizes and a control group to further evaluate the course's efficacy.
    Keywords: breast cancer survivors, multidisciplinary aftercare,
    psychoeducation, anxiety, depression, stress, sleep quality, quality of life.

  • 27.6.2022

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