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  • Postponement
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    21. December 2022 is the day of winter solstice on the northern hemisphere .
    Same day at 2 minutes past 22 a perfect symmetry of numbers will appear when time is lined up from year to minutes.
    Year month day hours minutes
    2022 12 21 22 02
    The real solstice happens at 12 minutes before 22 (Greenwich mean time)
    2022 12 21 21 48
    Which leaves a gap of 14 minutes
    Postponement is inspired by this gap in time and the spiral movement (Revolution) of planets orbiting the sun causing the phenomenon we know as solstice, sunrise, sunset, nightfall, revolution, rotation etc.
    It is about the arrangement for something to take place at a time later than first scheduled and the unexpected, unknown outcome.
    Right before darkness, the most beautiful colours appear
    You will be invited to join the performance by playing a one note homemade Kalimba distributed amongst the audience.
    The kalimbas should be plucked in random rhythms. One should not play the same as the person next to you and make sure that together we create a texture.
    Follow the percussion players cue.
    Postponement is an ode to nature and an invitation to stop and listen.

  • 27.1.2023

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