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  • What methods of overtime distribution might yield better performance for governmentally managed organization
  • Bakkalár
  • Health care is one of most essential services for any society. Like any other service it had developed with the economy style of the nation. Today, even at the time of economical turmoil and global recession, it is still growing with a high rate. General knowledge suggests that human element is central for effective and productive operations in the service sector, as service is considered to be a perishable good. Due to this fact service and human resource management interactions have become increasingly important for global economies. Technology, innovation and demand have increased impact on health care as well, where more focus is being put on unique fields of expertise and efficiency that adds to customer‟s value. Landspitali is no exception to this trend. Changes that are being introduced to company structure and budget will have a great effect on time utilization as well as value for the patients. This Bachelor project will analyze methods of overtime distribution that might yield better performance for the governmentally managed institution on the example of overtime distribution data from Equity Department‟s: kitchen, dining, storage and dishwashing sub departments (ELM). Various ideas and models of human resource-; change-; as well as service management will be considered and statistical data from chosen governmentally managed company will be analyzed to reach thesis that describes methods implemented in the Logic model that may in turn yield better performance for governmentally managed service company

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  • 9.3.2010

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