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  • Titill er á ensku Association between adverse childhood experiences and body dysmorphic disorder: Findings from the SAGA Cohort study
  • Meistara
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    Background: Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is a relatively common yet underdiagnosed psychiatric condition with unclear causes. Environmental factors like stressful life events may play a role, but research is limited. This study aimed to assess the association between adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and probable BDD in Icelandic adult women.
    Methods: A cross-sectional study using the Stress-and-Gene-Analysis (SAGA) cohort data of 26,435 Icelandic women aged 18-69 was conducted. ACEs were measured using the ACE-IQ questionnaire, while probable BDD was measured using the BDDQ self-reported questionnaire. Log-linear Poisson regression with robust variance was employed to estimate prevalence ratios (PRs) for probable BDD in relation to ACEs, adjusting for confounders. Results: The study found that 14.4% of participants had probable BDD. Women with at least one ACE had 1.6 times the prevalence of probable BDD compared to those with no ACEs. A dose-response relationship was observed between the number of ACEs and probable BDD. The study also identified six ACE subtypes that were consistently associated with probable BDD. Conclusion: The study highlights the association between ACEs and probable BDD in Icelandic adult women, with higher number of ACEs and certain ACE subtypes showing a stronger association. These findings contribute to the understanding of BDD risk factors and emphasize the need for further research to improve identification and diagnosis of BDD. Additionally, this research helps elucidate the impact of ACEs on health, particularly in the context of mental health disorders such as BDD.

  • 13.6.2023

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