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  • Titill er á ensku Songs of Longing and Greed
  • Meistara
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    During the studies at the MA program at LHÍ I signed up for a course that had the aim to have singers and composers collaborate to create a piece of music. Since I had started working with singers as a choir conductor and wanted to get better at writing for the voice, I was positive that this course would be of benefit. At this course I met singer Ólafur Freyr Birkisson who is a Bass-Baritone singer. Ólafur requested to have the composer write something dramatic for him which was very much within my style. We worked together on finding the text until Ólafur suggested the poem “Nirfillinn” by Davíð Stefánsson. This poem is about a person who indulges in his lust for money.
    At the end of the course, we were both very satisfied with the piece and we decided that it would be a natural continuation to make a whole song cycle. The theme should evolve around greed, but this later become too one-sided, so we introduced the positive opposite to greed in the form of longing and positive anticipation. This cycle would showcase both
    positive and negative sides of the human characteristics regarding greed, longing, lust, love. This has a relevance both on a personal level, as we all deal with these emotions, and it also has a relevance for our culture and the world in general as it is these emotions that
    drive many aspects of society. People in power want to hold on to their power and money – greed, people long for things they do not yet have or once had, such as love, youth, summer or other.
    The completed song cycle consists of 7 songs of which there are 2 songs sung in Danish, 1 in English and 4 in Icelandic. The cycle has the name: “Songs of Longing and Greed”.(Pieces marked with * are the once that I have included in this final project)
    Nirfillin (text by Davíð Stefánsson) *
    Lóan (text by Rósa B. Blöndals)
    Ørkenens Søn (text by H.C. Andersen) *
    Sjálfuvísur (text by Anton Helgi Jónsson) *
    Bird in a Cage (sign language poem by Elsa G. Björnsdóttir, translation into text by
    Haukur Darri Hauksson)
    Krummi (text by Davíð Stefánsson) *
    Figure 1. „Krummi“. Swells in the orcehstra part bar 23-26. 4
    This idea eventually made it into the piano score
    Figure 2. „Krummi“. Swells in the orcehstra part bar 23-26. This
    idea eventually made it into the piano score
    Et evigt liv tør jeg ikke kræve (text by H.C. Andersen)

  • 19.6.2023

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