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  • Titill er á ensku frequency illusion
  • Meistara
  • Útdráttur er á ensku

    frequency illusion is a work in five movements which explores a new system developed by the composer for the generation and progression of hexadic harmony. In the last movement, four soloists play from a three-dimensional, sculptural rendering of this system, which is suspended behind the ensemble. Each movement has a different character, but the senary essence of the hexagon pervades the entire work. Perceptors, as I call the audience who perceive more than sound in the work, are invited to consider the poems, illustrations, and photographs* in the programme booklet alongside the music in terms of this essence, and to heed any associations which form in their minds.
    *the photographs are not included in this submission

Tengd vefslóð: 
  • 19.6.2023

Skráarnafn Stærð AðgangurLýsingSkráartegund 
Rory Murphy - frequency illusion Critical Reflection.pdf1.82 MBOpinnCritical ReflectionPDFSkoða/Opna
Rory Murphy - frequency illusion Full Score.pdf42.83 MBOpinnFull ScorePDFSkoða/Opna
Rory Murphy - frequency illusion Concert Programme Booklet.pdf3.76 MBOpinnConcert Programme BookletPDFSkoða/Opna