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  • Titill er á ensku Impact of leisure activities on aging adults : benefits of and barriers to leisure involvement among older adults in Reykjavík
  • Bakkalár
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    This bachelor thesis discusses the role of leisure and recreational activities in healthy aging and the benefits it provides to senior adults. By engaging in meaningful and enjoyable leisure activities, seniors can have the opportunity to socialize and enhance their health, well-being. The main question of the research is: What are the benefits of and barriers to leisure involvement among senior adults? The thesis consists of two parts: a theoretical report and qualitative research. A semi-structured interview was used for the qualitative study. Three retired senior adults aged 69-87 years, were purposefully selected and interviewed. The main findings of this research revealed that participation in leisure and social activities has helped the participants experience psychological benefits and togetherness/fun being around friends and other people. In addition, the pursuit of hobbies and interests contributed to the participants‘ happiness. Findings also revealed that health conditions and Covid-19 had been identified as two main barriers to leisure pursuits among the three older individuals.

  • 4.7.2023

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